Тел.: +7 812 600 19 45
Время работы: ПН–ПТ, с 10:00 до 19:00

Линия жизни рок фестиваля

Все группы, выступавшие на Wacken Open Air.

24-25 августа 1990 года

5th Avenue, Axe 'n Sex, Motoslug, Sacret Season, Skyline, Wizzard

21-22 августа 1991 года

Bon Scott (HH), Gypsy Kyss, Kilgore, Life Artist, Ruby Red, Shanghai'd Guts, Skyline

22-23 августа 1992 года

5th Avenue, Asmodis, Ax'n Sex, Bad Sister, Bai Bang, Blind Guardian, De La Cruz, Doc Eisenhauer, Dr. Horp, Eddie E., Highlander, Ides of March, Incubator, Jolly Hangman, Mama's Boys, Morbid Mind, Motoslug, Pagan Spell, Paradise, Play'n'Bleed, Saitensprunge, Saxon, Storspatzen of Des, STS 8 Mission, The Waltons, Vivian

20-21 августа 1993 года

5th Avenue, Abi Wallenstein, Ax'n Sex, Blue Velvet, Bon Scott (HH), Buddy Lackey, Chalice, Doro, Fast Lover, Fates Warning, Gary Hughes, Gorefest, Hawi Madels, Heavenward, Highlander, Holocaust, Jacks Hammer, Jingo de Lunch, Michael Dickes, Noisy Act of Protest, Plan B, Railway, RAX, Riverdogs, Samael, Sahara, Skew Siskin, Torment, Toy, Trespass, Vivian, Warpath

19-20 августа 1994 года

Ace Of Spades, Atrocity, Chemical Breath, Deceased, Decision D, Dixi Gunworks, Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep feat. Markus Grosskopf from Helloween), Gamma Ray, Hannes Bauer & Orchester, Gnadenlos, Ken Templin, Many Acts Of Maniacs, Moray, Pagandom, Paul Di'Anno's Killers, Prollhead, Rausch, Riff Raff, Riverdogs, Roan, Saintcatee, Skyclad, Stoney Rudolph & The Happy Mc Cardies, Suiciety, Tears for Beers, The Tea Party, The Waltons, Torment, U.K. Subs

19-20 августа 1995 года

5th Avenue, Amentia, Angra, Bad Sister, Chalice, Creep, D:A:D, Dark At Down, Das Auge Gottes, Depressive Age, Dixie Gunworks, Ghosts of Dawn, Graue Zellen, Hate Squad, Laberinto, More About Dogs, Morgoth, Paragon, Phantoms of Future, Pothead, Power of Expression, Pretty Maids, Prime, Rape, Revelation, Schweisser, Solitude Aeturnus, Temple of the Absurd, Tiamat, Trauma, Trieb, Vanden Plas, Vocation

9-10 августа 1996 года

Asylum, Atrocity, Bad Sister, Big Nothing, Bohse Onkelz, Crematory, Desert Storm, Dice, Dimple Minds, Dritte Wahl, Gorefest, Gorn, Grave Digger, Grind Machine, Kingdom Come, Kreator, Manos, Oomph!, Pyogenesis, Ramones Mania, Randalica, Ricochet, Schweisser, Secret Discovery, Sieges Even, Temple of the Absurd, Theatre of Tragedy, The Exploited, The Gathering, Tom Angelripper, Vicki Vomit, Whils

8-9 августа 1997 года

Aion, Alastis, Amorphis, Birth Control, Dimmu Borgir, Dismember, Dissection, Don Bosco, Entrust, Fox Force Five, Gainsay, Grave Digger, Grinning Sinner, Hammerfall, Hassmutz, In Flames, Iron Savior, Late September Dogs, Lake of Tears, Love Gun, Motorhead, Mummlox, Overkill, Paunch, Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchester, Raven, Rock Bitch, Samael, Saviour Machine, Scanner, Sceptic Acceptance, Sinner, Sodom, Steiger, Subway to Sally, Tank, Theatre Of Tragedy, The Automanic, Therion, Tom Angelripper, Torment, Totenmond, U.D.O., Umbra Et Imago, Undish, Virgin Steele, Waltari, Zed Yago

7-8 августа 1998 года

Am I Blood, Angel Dust, Anvil, Arch Enemy, Atrocity, Benediction, Blind Guardian, Blind Passenger, Blitzkrieg, Bonfire, Borknagar, Children of Bodom, Covenant, Crack Up, Cradle of Filth, Crematory, Darkseed, Dew-Scented, Disbelief, Doro, Dritte Wahl, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Goddess Of Desire, Gorgoroth, Hades Almighty, Haggard, Heavenwood, Hollow, Holy Mother, Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Iron Savior, In Extremo, J.B.O., Krabathor, Kreator, Lacuna Coil, Manos, Nevermore, Night In Gales, Nocturnal Rites, Old Man's Child, Pegazus, Postmortem, Primal Fear, Raise Hell, Rough Silk, Ryker's, Sacred Steel, Sadist, Savatage, Sentenced, Skyclad, Soulburn, Sons Of Damnation, Stahlhammer, Stigmata IV, Stratovarius, Sundown, Sweet Noise, Sweet Savage, Tom Angelripper, Tankard, Temple Of The Absurd, Devin Townsend, Unrest, Vader, Virgin Steele, Voivod, Warrior

6-7 августа 1999 года

Amon Amarth, Angra, Agent Steel, Atrocity, Axel Rudi Pell, Axxis, Blind Passenger, Bewitched, Brainstorm, Cannibal Corpse, Crematory, The Cult, Death SS, Destiny's End, Dimmu Borgir, Destruction, Eisregen, Elakelaiset, Enslaved, Edguy, Europe, Fates Warning, God Dethroned, Graveworm, HammerFall, Immortal, In Aeternum, In Extremo, Jaguar, Jag Panzer, Killer, Leatherwolf, Labyrinth, Lefay, Marduk, Marshall Law, Mayhem, Memory Garden, Metal Church, Metalium, Mindfeed, Mystic Circle, Napalm Death, Nevermore, Paradox, Paragon, Pariah, Powergod, Pretty Maids, Primal Fear, Rage, Razor, Reverend Jurgen & Igor, Richthofen, Roland Grapow & Band, Saxon, Sinner, Six Feet Under, Solitude Aeturnus, Spock's Beard, Steel Prophet, Subway to Sally, The Crown, Temple of the Absurd, Therion, Threshold, Torment, Totenmond, Tristania, Tygers of Pan Tang, The Gathering, The Sygnet, Tom Angelripper, U.D.O., Uli Jon Roth, Umbra et Imago, Warrant, Wardog, Warhammer, Witchery, Whiplash

4-5 августа 2000 года

Agathodaimon, Ancient, Angel Witch, Annihilator, Artillery, Black Sweden, Black Label Society, Blaze Bayley, Breaker, Chantal Chevalier, Dark At Dawn, Dark Age, Dark Funeral, Dee Snider, Demon, Doro, Deranged, Desperados, Engine, Entombed, Freedom Call, Gamma Ray, Gaskin, Grim Reaper, Hades, Heir Apparent, Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Immolation, Jacob's Dream, Knorkator, Labyrinth, Late Nite Romeo, Liege Lord, Lizzy Borden, Lock Up, Marduk, Molly Hatchet, Morbid Angel, Mob Rules, Nightmare, Nightwish, October 31, Overkill, Pain, Pink Cream 69, Praying Mantis, Raise Hell, Rhapsody, Rose Tattoo, Royal Hunt, Samson, Savage, Sentenced, Six Feet Under, Skew Siskin, Solstice, Spiritual Beggars, Squealer, Steel Attack, Stratovarius, Testament, Tom Angelripper, Twisted Tower Dire, Umbra Et Imago, Vader, Vanishing Point, Vaxination, Venom, Zakk Wylde

3-4 августа 2001 года

16 Hell Ventiler, Annihilator, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Arch Enemy, Artch, Behemoth, Bionix, Blackshine, Brainstorm, Cage, Carnal Forge, Chinchilla, Circle Of Grief, Crematory, Cryptopsy, Crystal Shark, Culprit, Dark Tranquillity, Death SS, Deceased, Disaster, Dimmu Borgir, Exciter, Exhumed, Exumer, Finntroll, Grave Digger, HammerFall, Helloween, Holy Moses, In Flames, Jag Panzer, Kamelot, Kju, Knight Errant, Krisiun, Lacuna Coil, Lost Horizon, Metalium, Mortician, Motorhead, Mago de Oz, Naglfar, Napalm Death, Nasum, Nevermore, Night in Gales, Nightfall, Nightwish, Nostradameus, Opeth, Overkill, Paragon, Paul Dianno & Killers, Primal Fear, Rage, Rawhead Rexx, Sacraphyx, Saxon, Silent Force, Sins Of Thy Beloved, Smoke Blow, Sodom, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Soul Doctor, Stigma IV, Subway to Sally, Tad Morose, Tankard, Therion, Destroyer 666, The Haunted, Impotent Sea Snakes, The Traceelords, Therion mit Chor, Trail of Tears, Vintersorg, Warhammer, W.A.S.P.

1-3 августа 2002 года

Alabama Thunderpussy, Amon Amarth, Angel Dust, Angra, Avalanch, Blaze, Blind Guardian, Blitzkrieg, Borknagar, Bruce Dickinson, Candlemass (Reunion), Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Criminal, Debris Inc., Destruction, Dimple Minds, Domine, Dornenreich, Doro, Dream Evil, Dying Fetus, Edguy, Eisregen, Evergrey, Exodus, Falconer, Fleshcrawl, Green Carnation, Haggard, Heathen, Heavenly, Hollenthon, Hypocrisy, Immortal, In Extremo, Iron Savior, J.B.O., Justice, Kalmah, Kotipelto, Kreator, Lock Up, Macabre, Metalucifer, Mezarkabul, Mob Rules, Mork Gryning, My Dying Bride, Necrophobic, Nightmare, Nocturnal Rites, Nuclear Assault (Reunion), Onkel Tom, Pretty Maids, Primordial, Pungent Stench, Raven, Rebellion, Red Aim, Rose Tattoo, Rottweiler Sabbat, Savatage, Shakra, Sinergy, Stormwarrior, Stormwitch, Suidakra, Thunderstone, Torfrock, U.D.O., Unleashed, Vanden Plas, Vicious Rumors, Vision Divine, Vomitory, Warlord, Wizard, Wolf

31 июля - 2 августа 2003 года

Ancient Rites, Annihilator, Assassin, Bai Bang, Callenish Circle, Carpathian Forest, Circle II Circle, Dark Age, Dark Angel, Dark Funeral, Darkane, Dew-Scented, Diamond Head, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Dismember, Eidolon, Evidence One, Extreme Noise Terror, Freedom Call, Gamma Ray, Graveworm, Heavenshallburn, Human Fortress, In Flames, Kataklysm, Lordi, Lotto King Karl, Malevolent Creation, Masterplan, Metalium, Nile, Obscenity, Onkel Tom, Oratory, Primal Fear, Psychopunch, Rage, Raise Hell, Raunchy, Rotting Christ, Running Wild, Sentenced, Seventh One, Sinister, Sinner, Slayer, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Subway to Sally, Symphorce, Testament, The Almighty Punchdrunk, The Crown, Thyrfing, Twisted Sister, Twisted Tower Dire, V8 Wankers, Vader, Victims Of Madness, Victory, Stormlord

5-7 августа 2004 года

After Forever, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Artefact, Astral Doors, Bal-Sagoth, Brainstorm, Bohse Onkelz, Cannibal Corpse, Cathedral, Children of Bodom, Death Angel, Destruction, Dio, Dionysus, Disbelief, Doro Pesch & Warlock, Dr. Rock, Ektomorf, Elakelaiset, Engine of Pain, Everfest, Feinstein, Grave Digger, Griffin, Gun Barrel, Gutbucket, Helloween, Hobbs Angel of Death, Hypocrisy, J.B.O., Knorkator, Kotipelto, Mambo Kurt, Mayhem, Methedras, Misery Index, Mnemic, Motorhead, Mystic Prophecy, Nevermore, Nocturno Culto, Onkel Tom, Orphanage, Paragon, Quireboys, Raunchy, Reckless Tide, Satan, Satyricon, Saxon, Schandmaul, Sufferage, Supersoma, The Rods, Thora, Thunderstone, Unleashed, Vanguard, Voodoma, Weinhold, Zodiac Mindwarp

4-6 августа 2005 года

Accept, Apocalyptica, Axel Rudi Pell, Bloodbath, Candlemass, Cataract, Contradiction, Corvus Corax, Count Raven, Dissection, Doomfoxx, DragonForce, Edguy, Eisregen, EmKay, Endhammer, Endstille, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Finntroll, Goddess of Desire, Gorefest, HammerFall, Hard Time, Hatesphere, Holy Moses, Illdisposed, Kreator, Machine Head, Machine Men, Mambo Kurt, Marduk, Marky Ramone, Mercenary, Metal Church, Metalium, Mob Rules, Morgana Lefay, Mucc, Naglfar, Nightwish, Noise Forest, Obituary, Oomph!, Overkill, Panic Cell, Potentia Animi, Primordial, Reckless Tide, Regicide, Saeko, Samael, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Suffocation, Suidakra, Terasbetoni, Torfrock, Tristania, Turisas, Unleash the Fury, Vanguard, W:O:A Firefighters, Within Temptation, Zyklon

3-5 августа 2006 года

Aborted, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Atheist, Battlelore, Blind Guardian (signing only), Bloodthorn, Born From Pain, Caliban, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Children of Bodom, D'espairsRay, Danko Jones, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Ektomorf, Emperor, End of Green, Fear Factory, Finntroll, Fleshgore, Forever Slave, Gamma Ray, In Extremo, Korpiklaani, Krieger, Krypteria, Lake of Tears, Legion of the Damned, Mambo Kurt, Metal Church, Metal Inquisitor, Ministry, Morbid Angel, Mortal Sin, Motorhead, MSG, Mystic Circle, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Primal Fear, Rose Tattoo, Scorpions, Six Feet Under, Soilwork, Soulfly, Subway to Sally, Suidakra, Tribe After Tribe, Transilvanian Beat Club, Tourettes, Uli Jon Roth, Victory, Vreid, WE, Whitesnake, Wintersun

2-4 августа 2007 года

1349, All That Remains, Amorphis, Lacuna Coil, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Animal Alpha, Belphegor, Benedictum, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Majesty, Blind Guardian, Blitzkrieg, Cannibal Corpse, Chthonic, Communic, Destruction, Dimension Zero, Dimmu Borgir, Dir en grey, Disillusion, Drone, Electric Eel Shock, Enslaved, Fair to Midland, Falconer, Fastway, Gutbucket, Grave Digger, Haggard, Hatesphere, Heaven Shall Burn, Immortal, In Flames, Iced Earth, J.B.O., Kampfar, Letzte Instanz, Mambo Kurt, Maroon, Mennen, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Narziss, Neaera, Norther, Overkill, Pharao, Possessed, Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Rose Tattoo, Sabbat, Sacred Reich, Sahg, Samael, Saxon, Schandmaul, Scorpions, Secrets of the Moon, Sodom, Sonic Syndicate, The Answer, The Sorrow, Stormwarrior featuring Kai Hansen, Stratovarius, Subway to Sally, Suidakra, Swallow the Sun, Therion, Turbonegro, Turisas, Type O Negative, Tyr, Unheilig, The Vision Bleak, Vital Remains, Volbeat.

31 июля - 2 августа 2008 года

3 Inches of Blood, Alestorm, At the Gates, Autumn, Avantasia, Avenged Sevenfold, Axxis, Before the Dawn, Carcass, Children of Bodom, Concept Insomnia, Corvus Corax, Crematory, Cynic, Destructor, Dream of an Opium Eater, Enemy of the Sun, Ensiferum, Evocation, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Exodus, Girlschool, Girugamesh, Grave, Gorerotted, Gorgoroth, Hatebreed, Headhunter, Holy Moses, Iron Maiden, Job For a Cowboy, Kamelot, Killswitch Engage, Kreator, Krypteria, Leaves' Eyes, Lord Belial, Lordi, Massacre, Machine Men, Mercenary, Mustasch, Nashville Pussy, Negura Bunget, Nifelheim, Nightwish, Obituary, Opeth, Powerwolf, Primordial, Psychopunch, Sabaton, Saltatio Mortis, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Stam1na, Stone Gods, Sturm und Drang, The Bones, The Fading, The Haunted, The Rotted, Torture Squad, Unearth, van Canto, Warbringer, Watain.

29 июля - 1 августа 2009 года

Bai Bang, Bon Scott, Fejd, Mambo Kurt, Ragnar?ek, Tom Angelripper, Victims of Madness, 5th Avenue, Bloodwork, BossHoss, D-A-D, Der W, Drone, Grand Magus, Heaven & Hell, J.B.O., Kingdom Of Sorrow, Lacuna Coil, Reincarnatus, Running Wild, Schandmaul, Skyline, The Waltons, Airbourne, Amon Amarth, ASP, Bring Me the Horizon, Bullet for my Valentine, Coheed and Cambria, Callej?n, Doro, DragonForce, Endstille, Epica, Eths, Gamma Ray, HammerFall, In Flames, Insidious Disease, Mot?rhead, Nervecell, Nevermore, Pentagram, Retrospect, Sarke, Swashbuckle, Tristania, UFO, Vreid, Walls of Jericho, Whiplash, Axel Rudi Pell, Borknagar, Cathedral, Einherjer, Engel, Enslaved, The Fading, Feuerschwanz, GWAR, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Kampfar (cancelled), Korpiklaani, Machine Head, Napalm Death, Pain, Rabenschrey, Rage, Saxon, Subway to Sally, Suidakra, Testament, Tracedawn, Torment, Trouble, Turisas, Volbeat, U.K. Subs

5 - 7 августа 2010 года

1349, 9mm, Alice Cooper, Altar, Amorphis, Anvil, Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy, Astral Doors, Atrocity, Battle Beast, Black Out Beauty, BossHoss, Broilers, Brutus, By the Patient, Caliban, Candlemass, Cangaco, Cannibal Corpse, Corvus Corax, Crucified Barbara, Crysys, Dead Means Nothing, Debauchery, Degradead, Delain, Demolished, Despised Icon, Dew-Scented, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die Kassierer, Dymytry, Edguy, Ektomorf, End of Green, Endstille, Equilibrium, Eternal Legacy, Evile, Fear Factory, Fiddler's Green, Forever Storm, Frei.Wild, Frontal, Ghost Brigade, Gojira, Grave Digger, Hackneyed, Hanggai, Hathors, Holy Grail, Ihsahn, Ill Nino, Immortal, Imperium Dekadenz, Iron Maiden, Job For a Cowboy, Kamelot, Kampfar, Katana, Killing Machine, Lake of Tears, Letzte Instanz, Lizzy Borden, Lock Up, Lord of the Lost, MacBeth, Mad Max, Mambo Kurt, Metsatoll, Missing in Action, Motley Crue, Nightmare, No Dawn, Orcus O Dis, Orden Ogan, Orphaned Land, Overkill, Penthagon, Prayers of Sanity, Raging Mob, Raven, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Rotting Christ, Schelmish, Secrets of the Moon, Seven Ends, Skanners, Slayer, Smoke Blow, Snakebite, Solstafir, Soul Stealer, Soulfly, Spit Like This, Stratovarius, Subway to Sally, Suicidal Angels, Svartsot, Tarja Turunen, The Circus of Horrors, The Devil's Blood, The Keltics, The New Black, The Other, The Sixpounder, Tiamat, Torfrock, Total Riot, Tyr, U.D.O., Unleashed, Varg, Vice, Victims of Madness, Vita Imana, Void Creation, Voivod, W.A.S.P., Wistaria

4 - 6 августа 2011 года

Accuser, Achren, Aeon Throne, Airbourne, Aphyxion, Apocalyptica, As I Lay Dying, Atrum, Avantasia, Battle Beast, Betontod, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Blind Guardian, Blowsight, Bucovina, Bullet, Bülent Ceylan, Children of Bodom, Coldwar, CrashDiet, Danko Jones, Deadlock, Deathclocks, Dir En Grey, Dust Bolt, Edelweiss, Elakelaiset, Ensiferum, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Exquisite Pus, Frei.Wild, Ghost, Girlschool, Golem, Hail of Bullets, Hammercult, Hayseed Dixie, Hamatom, Heaven Shall Burn, Helloween, Hellsaw, Horch, Iced Earth, Ignis Fatuu, In Solitude, Jim Breuer, Judas Priest, Kataklysm, Khold, Knorkator, Kreator, Kvelertak, Kyuss Lives!, Lacrimas Profundere, Leash Eye, Maiden United, Mayhem, Moonsorrow, Morbid Angel, Morgoth, Mortal Strike, Mother of God, Motorhead, Negator, Nekrost, Noein, Omnicide, Onkel Tom, Onslaught, Ozzy Osbourne, Paralytic, Pharao, Pneuma, Powerstroke, Primal Fear, Pussy Sisster, Rabenschrey, Reliquiae, Rhapsody of Fire, Rude Revelations, Russkaja, Sacramental, Saltatio Mortis, Sepultura, Seven Stitches, Severenth, Shining, Shraphead, Sirenia, Skalmold, Skeletonwitch, Ski King, Ski´s Country Trash, Skindred, Slime, Sodom, Stier, Stormzone, Subway to Sally, Suicidal Tendencies, Suidakra, Tanker, Tauthr, The Aberlours, The Haunted, The Murder Of My Sweet, The Prophecy 23, The Smackballz, Tokyo Blade, Torture Squad, Triosphere, Triptykon, Trivium, Tsjuder, Van Canto, Venomin James, Victims of Madness, Virginia Clemm, Visions of Atlantis, Volcano, Voltax, Vreid, Warrant, X-Tinxion

2 - 3 августа 2012 года

Agro, Amaranthe, Amon Amarth, Athonite, Aura Noir, Axel Rudi Pell, Betontod, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Broilers, BugGirl, Channel Zero, Chthonic, CircleIICircle, Cold Snap, Coroner, Corpse Garden, Cradle of Filth, Crimes of Passion, D-A-D, Danko Jones SW, Dark Funeral, Darkest Hour, Dead by April, Decapitated, Delain, Devil´s Note, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Dimmu Borgir, Dio Disciples, Disquiet, Djerv, Dodheimsgard, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Ease Of Disgust, Edguy, Electric Hellride, Electric Wizard, Eisenherz, Endstille, Epsilon, Eschenbach, Exuviated, Faanefjell, Fateful Finality, FDJ, Forbidden, Frantic Amber, GammaRay, Gehenna, Ghost Brigade, Gone Postal, Gothic, Graveyard, Hamferd, Hammercult, HammerFall, Helmut, Henry Rollins - Spoken Word, Hone Your Sense, In Extremo, In Flames, Ingrimm, Insomnium, Inquisitor, Jim Breuer, Kamelot, Kellermensch, Keule, Kobra And The Lotus, Kylesa, Leaves´Eyes, Leningrad Cowboys, Liquid Meat, Lord Shades, Machine Head, Mambo Kurt, Manimals, Manticora, Massacre, Megaherz, Midnight Priest, MindthreaT, Ministry, Mono Inc., Moonspell, Napalm Death, Nasum, Oomph!, Opeth, OverKill, Opifex, Panteon Rococo, Paradise Lost, Rain Shatter, RavenBlood, Red Fang, RiotGod, Russkaja, Rust2Dust, Sacred Reich, Santiano, Sanctuary, Soar Patrol, Saxon, Schandmaul, Scorpions, Sepultura, Shredhead, Sick Of It All, Six Feet Under, Suffocated, Suicide Silence, Sylosis, Testament,  The Black Dahlia Murder, The BossHoss, The Falling, Torfrock, U.D.O., Unearth, Victims of Madness, Vogelfrey, Volbeat, Volksmetal, Volxrock, Warbringer, Warpath, Warrior Soul, Watain, WBTBWB, Weto, Winterfylleth, Winterstorm, Wolli & Die Band des Jahres, Yaksa, Zygnema

VIZIT TRAVEL приглашает в г. Вакен (Германия) на фестиваль Wacken Open Air 2023

Билеты на Wacken 2023

Билеты на Wacken open air 2023

С 2014 года организаторами фестиваля установлено правило, разрешающее продавать билеты на Вакен только в составе пакета с туристическими услугами.

Поскольку большинству туристов из России все равно нужно как-то будет попасть на фестиваль, мы предлагаем свои услуги. Минимальный пакет, доступный для заказа, включает в себя билет на фестиваль и авиабилеты из России в Гамбург и обратно в пределах дат работы кемпинга на фестивале. Если вы решите остаться в Германии подольше, то в пакет может быть включен отель. Также мы можем Вам предложить разные варианты комбинации туров с нашим автобусным туром из Санкт-Петербурга на Вакен или обратно.

Мы уверены, что каждый найдет для себя подходящий вариант, а если нет, то пишите нам — мы составим индивидуальный тур, по вашим пожеланиям!

Задайте свои вопросы вконтакте: http://vk.me/vizittravel, по электронной почте ru@wackenopenair.ru или по телефону +7 (812) 600-19-45.

Ознакомится с нашими индивидуальными турами можно в этом разделе

Условия продаж индивидуальных туров на фестиваль Wacken

Купить индивидуальный тур на фестиваль Wacken можно отправив заявку к нам в чат vk. me/vizittravel или по почте . Для консультации по вопросам покупки тура можно позвонить к нам в офис +7 (812) 600-19-45.

Как и при покупке группового тура, минимальная предоплата — 19 000 рублей/чел., а окончательный расчет можно произвести частями до апреля.

Полная оплата тура осуществляется в момент выбора и согласования авиабилетов.

Мы рекомендуем выбрать авиабилеты в октябре-ноябре текущего года. Именно в это время формируется летнее расписание на следующий год у всех авиакомпаний, а цена авиабилетов является минимальной.

В стоимость индивидуальных туров включена курьерская доставка билетов Wacken open air до Москвы, другие города доставка оплачивается дополнительно. Мы пользуемся услугами только курьерской компании!

Турпакет является неделимым и невозвратным. Отказ от части услуг, включенных в турпакет, влечет за собой аннуляцию других его составляющих. Так, при возврате купленных авиабилетов, билет на фестиваль также аннулируется. Это связано все с тем же запретом на продажи билетов на фестиваль отдельно от туров.

Авиабилеты могут быть заменены на другие (другие даты, направление и т. п.) с доплатой согласно правилам тарифов авиакомпании.

Билеты на фестиваль Wacken open air (Германия), заказанные для Вас после уплаты аванса являются невозвратными! Возврат денежных средств за неиспользованный, утерянный билет(после доставки или выдачи), не производится, так же как и обмен или замена билета. Это есть мировая практика и мы с этим ни чего поделать не можем!

Билеты на Wacken 2023